Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran (Sirjan)

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, transmitting from Sirjan, was logged on 28 October 2014. A Japanese language broadcast with commentary and snippets of filler music between features was monitored from 21.15 to 21.45 UTC

RTM Klasik Nasional (Kajang, Malaysia) had vacated 5.965 kHz on this particular day, allowing reception. In fact, it appears Klasik Nasional has disappeared completely from shortwave; no transmissions have been heard for several weeks now. Whatever the reason for their absence, transmission of VOIRI was decent enough to yield a SINPO of 34343 - fair signal strength, atmospheric noise and fading, yet clear and audible; reception worsened to 23332 with increased transmitter and atmospheric noise by 21.27 UTC.

Reception report of this transmission was emailed to VOIRI in early November 2014. 

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