Saturday, January 4, 2014

Radio Oromgenati via IRRS Milano (Tiganesti)

Self-designed QSL with actual message from IRRS
Radio Oromgenati via IRRS Milano, presumably transmitting from Tiganesti, Romania to East Africa, was logged on 4 January 2014. This clandestine station was heard from 15.00 to 15.30 UTC, broadcasting Horn of Africa music hosted by a male DJ speaking Oromo. Before sign-on The IRRS interval signal featuring Verdi was noted. Reception on 15.515 kHz (for this Saturday only) transmission was 35443 -- fair signal strength, clear audio despite noise and fading. Signal deteriorated significantly, but was still audible, after 15.20 UTC. 

Reception report was emailed to IRRS, even though I have had not been successful in receiving a QSL directly from them. I received this generic Letter of Verification from IRRS after a follow up email on 11 March 2014. Only their logo has been added and reference to the station.

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