Sunday, January 5, 2014

National Broadcasting Corporation - Radio Madang

National Broadcasting Corporation - Radio Madang in Jomba, Papua New Guinea was logged on 5 January 2014. A Tok Pisin broadcast with indigenous music and station ID in English from YL on the hour was observed between 11.50 to 12.05 UTC. Reception on 3.260 kHz was (SINPO) 25322 -- weak but audible signal with fading and affected by static bursts from thunderstorm in my quarter. Around 12.00 UTC signal peaked and audio was much stronger despite the storm.

Reception report was submitted to NBC Radio Madang the following day. I received an email
from Mr. Vitus Bongai, Technician at NBC Madang, in the afternoon confirming my report. The QSL shown here is self-made; the message itself is from Mr Bongai.

In his email I learned NBC Radio Madang's short-wave transmitter site would remain in Jomba; previously I had been informed it would be relocated to Mt. Nobonob. Only the FM transmitter will operate from this site. 

Mr. Vitus Bonai added the 10 kW short-wave transmitter was actually operating at 4 kW when I logged the station, owing to technical problems.

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