Wednesday, January 1, 2014

European Radio Stations on Radio 700

Radio 700 in Germany offers German language broadcasts of Radio Slovakia International, Radio Prague, Radio Ukraine International and Polish Radio External Service on shortwave radio and Internet.
Radio Prague
Shortwave transmissions are heard on 3.985 kHz 6.005 kHz or 7.310 kHz. At one thousands watts these transmissions are impossible to receive in Southeast Asia due to  either Korean or Chinese broadcasters. Jamming is an additional problem on 3.985 kHz.

Radio Prague reverse
The following European broadcasters were logged via Radio 700 on 1 January 2014 in Malaysia using these Internet streams: Radio Slovakia International and Radio Prague on Polish Radio External Service on

Reception reports were emailed to Radio 700, Radio Slovakia International, Radio Prague and Polish Radio External Service.
Polish Radio
Radio Slovakia International
Email: (Radio 700) (Polish Radio External Service) (Radio Slovakia International) (Radio Prague)

For more information about Radio 700 and their scheduled transmissions click HERE.

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