Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WWV on 15 Mhz (Fort Collins, CO)

Radio Station WWV, in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), was logged on 18 December  2013, between 23.06 to 23.20 UTC. Earlier this year WWV's signature time pips/pulse with male announcer was detected on 20 Mhz. Today, marks the first time WWV has been received on 15 Mhz in Malaysia.  

An audio file from this transmission may be observed HERE.  Listen very closely. Two voices, faintly received under QRN, will be heard: first, the female announcer from WWVH; and then, the male announcer from WWV.

Reception on 15 Mhz at 23.06 UTC was (SINPO) 25432 -- weak signal, atmospheric noise, fading, but faintly audible and clear male announcer speaking in American English was heard. WWV disappeared after 23.25 UTC, but time pips/pulses and faint female announcer from WWVH gradually became more prominent.

Reception report was emailed to WWV on the following day. An email on 25 December 2013 confirmed and promised QSL card: 

"Thank you for your reception report. It has been forwarded to our administrative staff, who will be sending a QSL to you shortly. Sincerely, Glenn Nelson, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Radio Stations WWV/WWVB."

QSL card arrived in the mail on 4 February 2014.


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