Friday, August 16, 2013

RTM Sarawak FM (West Malaysia)

RTM Sarawak FM, transmitting from Kajang, West Malaysia, was logged on 16 August 2013 (17 August 2013 in Malaysia). A selection of Hari Raya songs and community announcements in Bahasa Malaysia were observed from 22.30 to 23.30 UTC (6.30 to 7.30 am Malaysian Time). Reception on 9.835 kHz at 22.30 UTC was (SINPO) 44434 -- good signal strength but noisy with some QRM and fading. Despite these conditions speech remained  audible and discernible. Reception worsened at 23.00 UTC to 43443 due to strong station splatter from Voice of Vietnam (VoV) on 9.840 kHz. Station was retuned  to 9.834 kHz to reduce interference from VoV.

An audio file of RTM Sarawak FM just before and after VoV signed on may be heard HERE

Reception report was emailed to RTM on the same day and again on 19 August 2013. On 20 August 2013, Mr. Zulkifli at RTM emailed, confirming my reception report with eQSL and promised to send QSL card #106/2013.  

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