Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Radio Romania International (via Galbeni and Tiganesti)

Radio Romania International, transmitting from Galbeni and Tiganesti, was logged on  21 August 2013. An English language broadcast of  Radio News Reel, Society Today on HIV infections in Romania, Sportscast and Romanian music was observed from 20.30  to 20.57 UTC. Reception on 11.875 kHz (Galbeni) and 13.800 kHz (Tiganesti) was (SINPO) 34433 -- fair signal strength, good clarity with some fading on both frequencies. At 20.45 UTC, transmission from 11.875 kHz suddenly disappeared. 

Reception report was emailed and submitted on-line the following day. QSL card for Galbeni arrived in the male on 26 September 2013.



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