Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adventist World Radio / Australian DX Report (via Guam)

Adventist World Radio / Australian DX Report, transmiting from Agat, Guam, was logged on 25 August 2013. A broadcast of Dr. Adrian Peterson's "Wavescan" with Bob Padula's Australian DX Report was heard from 22.38 to 23.00 UTC (broadcast time 22.30 to 23.00 UTC). Reception on 15.320 kHz was (SINPO): 35443 -- fair signal with slight fading, otherwise clear and audible speech.
Reception reports were sent to Wavescan and Bob Padula on the following day. An eQSL from Bob Padula was received on 9 September 2013. QSL card from AWR arrived in the mail on 12 September 2013 and 4 June 2014.

Email (Bob Padula):

Website (Australian DX Report):

Email (Wavescan):

Website (Wavescan):

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