Friday, April 19, 2013

Amateur Radio Operator VR2XMT (Hong Kong)

VR2XMT in Hong Kong was logged on 18 April 2013, between 14.45 to 14.50 UTC. Transmission began with "...Whiskey One Germany...," (IW1GGR in northern Italy). VR2XMT was then heard saying, "CQ Contest...Victor Romeo Two X-ray Mexico Tango...My name is Charlie...(I live) in Hong Kong"   VR2XMT proceeded to chat with another HAM, then silence between 14.49 to 14.50 UTC. Reception on 14.204 kHz SSB/USB was (SINPO)  44454 -- some QRM from other HAMS, otherwise strong and clear signal

Reception report was emailed to Mr. Charlie Ho shortly afterwards. I also posted a letter later. NO REPLY. 



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