Sunday, April 14, 2013

RRI Madiun ( East Java, Indonesia on MW)

RRI Madiun Pro 1, transmitting from Madiun, East Java Province, Republic of Indonesia, was logged on 13 April 2013 while looking for CRI's "Voice of South China Sea". An Indonesian language broadcast of Indonesian pop tunes and community service messages was noted from 10.58 to 11.30 UTC (6.58 to 7.30 pm Kuala Lumpur time). Reception on the medium-wave frequency of 1008 kHz  was (SINPO) 34332 -- fair signal strength and clearly audible, despite signal fading out every 10 minutes and minor atmospheric QRN. 

Reception report was email and posted at Facebook sites the following day. Based on past experience with most RRI stations, I am doubtful a QSL will be forthcoming. 



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