Monday, April 29, 2013

Amateur Radio Operators EA5/GM0OPK (Spain) and VK3MO (Australia)

Amateur radio operators EA5 / GM0OPK in Valencia, Spain (Paul) and VK3MO  (Ian) in Victoria, Australia were logged on 29 April 2013. Both were heard swapping stories about their travels abroad in Zambia, South Africa and Thailand. Transmission was monitored from 18.57 to 19.14 UTC on 14.170 (14.180) kHz SSB/USB. Reception for EA5 / GM00PK was (SINPO) 25332 -- weak strength, but audible and clear despite atmospheric noise; whereas VK3MOas much stronger at (SINPO)  45444.

A sample of their transmission may be heard HERE. Radio operator EA5 / GM0OPK was later heard chatting with a K4SSJ (Kilo Four Sugar Sugar Jamaica),  although his voice was a mere whisper.

Reception reports were sent to both amateur operators after a kind amateur radio operator in Scotland (GM3ZDH) helped identify EA5 / GM0OPK. A confirmation was received from EA5 / GM0OPK a few days later. VK3MO was contacted by mail, and he never replied.

EA5 / GM0OPK emailed: "Thanks for your email. It was myself and VK3MO that you recorded on 29/04/2013 . I was at my 2nd home in valencia , spain at the time . i run a yaesu ft1000 with a heil pr40 microphone , amplifier is a om2500hf (2.5 kw) but i run 1000 watts (1kw) and antenna is a klmkt34xa . 6 element triband yagi (10, 15 and 20 meters ) on a 30 foot boom at 25 feet. I will confirm this contact on e qsl for you. Regards, Paul"

Numerous follow-up emails and assurances from Paul eventually garnered a QSL postcard from him. In all fairness to him, he attempted to send an eQSL but this failed to deliver through no fault of his own. He was also busy constructing a new home in Spain, and this contributed to the long delay. The above QSL is self-made and incorporates a photo of his home in Valencia (posted on QRZ) and the original email I received from him. On 10 June 2014 I received his confirmation on a postcard of Costa Blanca, Spain, posted from Glasgow, Scotland. A BIG thank you, Paul!!!

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