Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar

Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar (Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar) in Dole, Tanzania Zanzibar was logged on 24 April 2012. Time monitored was from 17.50 to 19.00  on 11.735 kHz. Station interval signal (drum beat) was observed at 17.59 UTC, followed by time beeps, then news in English presented by a male announcer. A station ID in Swahili presented by a female announcer followed, then African and Hindi pop tunes until 18.59 UTC. Reception (SINPO) at 17.50 UTC was 34343 -- fair signal strength with slight interference, transmitter noise, and fading, otherwise good audio quality. At 18.30 UTC reception improved slightly with less noise and stronger and clearer audio, rating 45444. 

To listen to a SoundCloud audio sample at 18.00 UTC on 24 April 2012 as recorded in West Malaysia, click here

Reception report was emailed and posted. Shortly after submitting this report, I noticed on my blogsite statistics page that someone did view this posting from Tanzania. Thank you. Please, if you are from  Sauti Ya Tanzania Zanzibar your QSL would be IMMENSELY appreciated..

Sauti Ya Tanzania Zanzibar
P.O. Box 1178 
Zanzibar, Tanzania


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