Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Radio Télévision Libye

Radio Télévision Libye was heard on 10 April 2012. A French language broadcast of French pop songs and commentary was monitored from 16.00 to 17.00 UTC on 11.600 kHz. Reception (SINPO) at 16.00 UTC was 55545 -- strong signal strength with slight fade, otherwise the broadcast was loud and clear. At 16.40 UTC reception was degraded to 53543 -- although signal remained strong, interference from an adjacent station of equal strength distorted audio quality. Despite this, transmission was still  audible. At 17.00 UTC, China Radio International totally obscured transmission.

To hear Radio Télévision Libye at 16.00 UTC on 10 April, click here.

Reception report was emailed. Email failed to deliver, but due to server overload. Postal address remains a mystery.

info@voiceof africa.com.ly

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  1. Here are some addresses that might help you to obtain a verification:

    Mr. Moktar Aboushaala
    Director of Transmission
    RTV Broadcasting of Libya

    moktaraboushaala@yahoo.com (seems not to work)

    T: +218 21 4831749
    M: +218 91 3114217F: +218 21 4831749

    Mr. Youssef AlMoujrab
    Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting
    Po.box 333