Friday, April 13, 2012

Caribbean Beacon (Anguilla)

Caribbean Beacon (University Network) in Anguilla was heard on 13 April 2012. An English language  broadcast of Evangelical Christian programming was observed from 21.45 to 22.04 UTC (broadcast time 10.00 to 22.00 UTC) on  11.775 kHz. Reception (SINPO)  at 21.45 UTC was 25332 -- weak signal strength coupled with some atmospheric noise and fading. By 22.00 UTC reception was degraded to 25222 -- strength of signal weakened while atmospheric noise and fading increased. Despite these adverse conditions, speech was audible up until 22.04 UTC, at which point a carrier signal was apparent until sign off.

This was another one of those dream stations that seemed nearly impossible to catch, yet with persistence, patience and good propagation success followed. For several months, at different hours,  Caribbean Beacon was monitored without much success, then under night skies from Anguilla (evening) to Malaysia (dawn) -- a distance of 17,105 km / 10,629 miles -- the sermon of a female minster, presumably Pastor Melissa Scott, was clearly and faintly received on 13 April 2012 (Anguilla date).

Unfortunately the recordings below do not do justice to the quality of reception enjoyed on this particular morning. 

(14 April 2012 @ 05.50 am Malaysian time) 
using a Degen DE-1102 with an external random wire of 10 meters.

A SoundCloud recording may he heard by clicking (here). Again, I must stress  the recording is poor and not a true reflection of the signal quality actually received.

Reception report was emailed. On 17 April 2012, Doris Mussington of Caribbean Beacon replied with this email confirming my reception report: "Thanks for listening to us on the Caribbean Beacon  Please continue to listen to us and be blessed. A QSL card will be mailed to you." Three years later, on 23 April 2015, I received the promised QSL card. However, I hasten to add the QSL reached in two weeks, having been posted on 9 April 2015.Strange.



Caribbean Beacon (University Network)
c/o Doris Mussington
P.O.Box 690
The Valley, Anguilla


  1. Thanks Tim for your nice report and useful address information! 73´s OH6001SWL

  2. Please tell me today that E-Mail address exists or not?

  3. The last known email address I have is Contact is Doris Mussington, The email address may no longer be in operation. While I received verbal comfirmation from Caribbean Beacon (University Network), the actual QSL card failed to reach its destination, Hope you have better luck. Best wishes from Malaysia and 73s.

  4. Wow, the audio being sent from the Caribbean Beacon transmitter is heavily distorted. I have been listening on and off since 1750 UTC, and its now 2200 UTC May 3 2017. The signal has been SINPO 44441, because of the heavy distortion. I would be ashamed to transmit such a radio signal. Now at 2202 UTC their radio signal went off air. Maybe they can get the radio signal repaired before the return to the air.