Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Non-responsive Short-wave Broadcasters in 2011

Radio France International sent a letter early last  year acknowledging my report, but short of an actual QSL. I count it as confirmed since they did mention it.  To date,  I have had no follow-up on subsequent  reports sent for transmissions via Issoudun and French Guiana. Strangely in early December RFI sent an email to me stating how it valued my listenership. I promptly retorted RFI would do well to acknowledge its listeners or close shop.

Voice of America's relay stations have promised QSLs, but save for Sao Tome Principe and Botswana, I've yet to receive the QSLs via its relay stations in Kuwait, Bonaire and Lampertheim.

Nearly all African stations,  including Uganda, Djibouti, Chad, Eritrea,  Botswana, Rwanda (except DW in Kigali), South Africa (Africa Calling),  Africa No 1, Libya, Tunisia,  Morocco, Algeria and Niger, have been unresponsive. Only Radio Dabanga,  CVC International in Zambia, Radio Africa in Equatorial Guinea, VOA via Sao Tome Principe, Radio Bar-Kulan, SW Radio, Sudan Radio Service,  Madagascar (DW, Radio Nederland, Radio Japan et al), Radio Ethiopia, TWR in Swaziland, Radio Cairo and Voice of Nigeria have replied, but often after a long wait and many follow-up reminders.

BBC does not send out QSLs. I was also told the Beeb had its own means of confirming transmission quality and coverage. Nevertheless, the relay stations are still a good bet. I did get a confirmation from BBC via Seychelles. Oman and Cyprus relay stations are still pending.

In Asia, Voice of Strait, Beibu Bay, China Tibet Broadcasting Station, most Chinese  PBS,  Voice of Free Korea, FEBC and almost every All India Radio station have not replied.

In Latin America, I have had mostly good luck, especially with Radio Nacional de Amazonia, Radio Habana Cuba, HCJB-Quito and RAE. I'm thankful just to be able to hear snippets or whole broadcasts of these stations, let alone a QSL.  Radio Banderaintes is still a no show after about two months.

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