Sunday, January 8, 2012

Radio Free Asia (via Sitkunai)

Radio Free Asia, transmitting presumably from Sitkunai, Lithuania, was logged on 9 January 2012. An Uighur language programming of largely news commentary was monitored from 01.45 to 02.00 UTC (broadcast time 01.00 to 02.00 UTC) on 9.480 kHz. Reception (SINPO) was 12231 -- poor signal strength hampered by strong interference from Chinese language station and atmospheric noise. Intermittent fragments of speech  at a whispered level was heard, otherwise the broadcast was pretty much negligible. Interestingly, the Chinese station (CNR or CRI) was rated at about 24332, suggesting perhaps its antenna and transmitter was pointed towards Sitkunai.

Although transmissions from Sitkunai are generally too weak to receive under normal conditions in Malaysia,  I did detect on this date some audible speech under strong inference from a Chinese language station. In fact, almost all RFA transmissions (regardless of transmitter site) and frequencies in Tibetan, Uighur and Chinese are effectively and deliberately blocked by a Chinese language station. This station acts as a shadow from the exact moment of sign-on to sign-off. Under this condition, speech of announcers during RFA broadcasts are  either  unheard, faint or fragmented. 

Reception report was emailed to RFA. QSL card arrived in the mail on 31 January 2012.


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