Sunday, September 25, 2011

Radio Romania 2011 QSL, Etc

Radio Romania International (RRI) recently sent this 2011 QSL card. As most short-wave enthusiasts know RRI issues new QSL cards every month. This one is apparently for a July 2011 reception report I submitted. Along with the QSL card, I received a letter inviting me to join their Short-wave Club and a summer programme schedule. RRI is truly one of the last remaining international short-wave broadcasters that is interested in the hobby of short-wave listening and the valuable feedback its short-wave listeners provide. Thank you so much RRI!

Stamps from Romania, courtesy of RRI
Summer Programme Schedule

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  1. Yes, RRI is interested in the hobby of radio listening, but not the only to send many QSLs, letters and materials. Such stations are Radio Nederlands Worldwide, Taiwan International, Canada International, Voice Of Turkey, Voice Of Russia, etc.