Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FEBA Radio (Relay station in Tashkent, Uzberkistan )

FEBA Radio, transmitting from a relay station in presumably Tashkent, Uzbekistan was heard on 28 September 2011, broadcasting in the Hindi language from 00:45 to 01:00 UTC on 7.485 kHz. Signal (SINPO) was  25432 -- weak reception degraded due to poor atmospheric conditions, otherwise speech and music was audible and clear.

Reception report was sent on-line at FEBA’s website.

FEBA Supporter Relations Coordinator, Carol Collins, emailed the following message regarding QSL cards from FEBA. Please take note. 
“Thank you for sending your reception report.  It’s good to know that you can hear FEBA’s programmes in Malaysia.

Now that FEBA no longer owns its own transmitting station, we are not able to verify reception reports.  This is because we use various service providers who are not able to provide this service for us.  I am sorry to disappoint you.

You can find information about FEBA and our broadcasts on our international website www.febaradio.net”



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