Sunday, September 25, 2011

Radio Marti - North Carolina, USA

Radio Marti, transmitting from Greenville, North Carolina, USA and studio in Miami, Florida, USA, was heard on 24 September 2011. Spanish language broadcast to Cuba and Latin America was monitored from 23.00 to 00.00 UTC. Signal was heard on 9.565 kHz and 11.930 kHz. Signal (SINPO) on 9.565 kHz at 23.00 UTC was 13321 -- weak reception with transmitter modulation and interference from adjacent stations, otherwise speech was audible and discernible at times. Reception worsened after 23.20 UTC due to weakened signal and severe transmitter modulation, making speech difficult to understand. Signal on 11.930 kHz at 23.45 UTC was much stronger at 15331 -- while reception was weak, speech was much clearer on this frequency.

Reception report was submitted on-line at Radio Marti website and by post. QSL card, along with brochure and programme schedule, arrived in the mail on 8 November 2011.

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