Monday, July 4, 2011

Bangladesh Betar

The Home Service of Bangladesh Betar in Dhaka, Bangladesh was received on 4 July 2011, between 13.35 to 15.00 UTC (normal broadcast hours 12.55-15.00 UTC) on 4.750 kHzSignal (SINPO) at 13.35 UTC was 32312 -- although signal was strong and audible, it was severely degraded by strong interference from RRI Makassar and a station in China,  some QRN and intermittent fading. At 14.00 UTC signal improved to 35333 -- clear and fair reception. At 14.45 UTC signal weakened to 25322 -- still audible, but significantly weaker. Programming in the Bengali language consisted of local music, news and sports, and current event reports. 
Back of QSL card

Reception report was submitted by post and email. This is the third time I have contacted Bangladesh Betar in the past two years. MashAllah! I promptly received this coveted QSL card and letter from Bangladesh Betar on 21 July 2011.

Sr Engineer, Research & Receiving Centre
121, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Letter of confirmation
Shah Bagh, Dhaka -1000


Bangalesh postage 

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