Saturday, July 2, 2011

American Forces Network -- Diego Garcia and Barrigada, Guam

American Forces Network (AFN) in Diego Garcia (on 12.759 kHz) and Barrigada, Guam (on 13.362 kHz) was monitored from 03.15 to 05.15 UTC on 3 July 2011. Reception of these (3 kW stations according to WRTH 2011) was heard in USB mode. Signal (SINPO) o12.759 kHz was 25312 - weak reception with moderate QRN. Despite this, speech was clear and discernible. Signal worsened to 15211 after 04.00 UTC. On 13.362 kHz reception was 15111 -- extremely weak reception and barely audible. English language programming dealt with health and technology related topics, as well as news and sports on the hour. 

Reception reports were sent by post and email. QSL card was received for Diego Garcia on 22 July 2011 and Guam on 15 September 2011. 

AFN in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory

AFN in Barrigada, Guam
Department of Defense

American Forces Network Broadcast Center
23755 Z Street
Building 2730
Riverside, California 92518-2017 

Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Chagos Archipelago


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