Monday, June 15, 2020

Radio Romania International (via Galbeni-Bacau)

Radio Romania International via Galbeni-Bacau was heard on 10 June 2020. English language programming of News, Radio News Reel and Romanian rap music was monitored from 03.30 till 03.30 UTC. Reception on 11.825 kHz was SINPO 45333-- initially at 03.00 UTC reception was strong and clear content with moderate atmospheric noise and fading; however around 03.25 UTC reception worsened with fading and atmospheric noise eclipsing what was an overall good signal. This is consistent even with monitoring in past months. Reception is better on 17.760 kHz in their transmission to Australia-Pacific which is a few hours later. HERE is Radio Romania International.

Reception report was emailed on the same day. Shortly afterwards I was notified  QSL would be sent later due to the Covid-19 disruption of mail service worldwide. On 16 June 2020, I received a blank, unsigned eQSL card. While I am grateful to just receive the card, I wish RRI had at least included the details confirming the report.That said, I completed the card for my personal records.

RX: Tecsun S-2000 ANT: Passive Loop QTH: Malaysia

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