Thursday, March 28, 2019

RWM (via Moscow)

RWM (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Physical-Engineering and Radio Technical Meteorology), transmitting from Moscow (Russia) was logged on 6, 7 and 11 March 2019. Reception from 13.28 till 13.31 UTC on 4.996 kHz (SSB/USB mode)rated a  (SINPO) of 22442 - poor signal detected under a dominant WWVH transmission, but audible. Reception from 14.44  till 17.45 UTC on 9.996 kHz (SSB/USB mode) was (SINPO) 45444. Reception from 04.00 till 04.30 UTC on 14.996 kHz (SSB/USB mode)was (SINPO) 35554. Content of transmission included straight unmodulated carrier wave, then 1 Hz pulses and double pulse, then10 Hz pulses and double pulse, followed by Morse code station identification: "RWM RWM RWM..." HERE is RWM (14.996 kHz)

Reception report was emailed on 12 March 2019. QSL cards arrived on 28 March 2019.


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