Tuesday, January 8, 2019

RTM Sarawak FM (via Kajang, Malaysia)

Sarawak FM, transmitting from Radio Televisyen Malaysia shortwave site in Kajang (Selangor), was logged  on 17 November 2018, from 02.50 till 03.30 UTC. Mostly Malay pop music,  an advertisement for a Sime Darby technology programme, time pips and RTM Sarawak FM ID  was observed within this 40 minute period. Reception on 9.835 kHz rated a SINPO of 25422 -- weak but audible signal, occasionally discernible audio content (especially songs), despite fading, warbling transmitter.

It should be noted at the time RTM's shortwave transmitters were down for routine maintenance. Times of operation were sporadic and signal was under-powered, barely audible from my vicinity -- 40 kms away from the transmitter site. HERE is Sarawak FM (Kajang), as heard at the time.

That said, a reception report was emailed on the following day. Multiple follow-up reports to various RTM personnel were emailed as well over the course of the next few months. Finally, on 9 January 2019, a scanned copy of a promised QSL card  was emailed. Now I await the paper version. The QSL card did indeed finally arrive in the mail the following week.

RX Tecsun S-2000 ANT 1/4 Wave QTH Central West Malaysia

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