Monday, January 21, 2019

Historic QSL Card from KFEL

Historic QSL card from Radio Station KFEL (Denver, 1923-1954) -- "The New Cry of the Old West." I never knew this station existed, as it was not around when I lived in Colorado (1966 - 1985). KFEL was Denver's second-oldest radio station; the other station is KOA (850 kHz), which is still in operation. After several frequency moves, KFEL eventually settled on 950 kHz.

Over the years this frequency in Denver was operated by:
KFEL (1923-1954)
KIMN (1954-1988)
KYGO (1988-1994)
KKFN (1994-2008)
KRWZ (2008-2016)
KKSE (2016 - Present)

The KFEL call letters  (970 kHz) are still used, but the station now broadcasts a Catholic religious format from Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

QSL card courtesy of ADDX and RMRC 2019 Calendar

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