Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Radio Free Asia (via Tinian Island)

Radio Free Asia, transmitting from Tinian (Northern Mariana Islands) was logged on 6 September 2018. I had the good fortune to catch their shortwave-wave frequency of 21.565 kHz, albeit with a SINPO of 22542. Signal was poor with strong co-frequency interference (QRM) from a China station. Nevertheless, RFA was audible and occasionally clear with some audible content. China station signed-off at 11.00 UTC, just as RFA closed  transmitter.  A Tibetan language broadcast of news/current event reports relating to Tibet and region was monitored from 10.35 till 11.00 UTC.  As most DXers are aware, China attempts to block all Tibetan, Mandarin and Uighur broadcasts by transmitting their programmes over RFA, and this transmission was no different. HERE is RFA (Tinian) mixing with China.

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