Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Logbook 12 May till 19 June 2018

Reach Beyond Australia in Kununurra (Western Australia) logged on 13 June 2018. English programm "Spotlight English" featured  "New World Wonders" from 15.50 till 16.00  UTC. Reception on 7.190  kHz rated a (SINPO) of 44544 -- good signal with minimal transmitter noise in the background of audio, otherwise clear content and decent reception. Reach Beyond Australia sent eQSL.

All India Radio Bhawanipatna (Akashvani Bhawanipatna)
via Belamal, Odisha logged on 8 June 2018. Indian classical music and national news in English noted from 17.00 till 17.36 UTC. Receotion on 1206 kHz (MW) rated a (SINPO) of 24322 -- weak signal, occasionally clear and audible content when not fading every few minutes under atmospheric noise. HERE's AIR Bhawanipatna. Spectrum Management & Synergy acknowledged report.

Radio Republik Indonesia Singaraja (PRO-1)* via Banyu Alit, Singaraja, Bali logged 29 May 2018 (30 May 2018, Bali Date). A mix of Balinese and Indonesian programming, i.e. Indo pop music, DJ discussing programme summary, followed by mantra "Om shanti shanti shanti Om" with Balinese music, then station ID "RRI Singaraja", was observed from 22.05 till 22.30 UTC (06.05 till 06.30 AM, Bali Time). Reception on 1080 kHz (MW) was (SINPO) 44433 - strong signal, clear audio when not fading every few minutes under atmospheric noise. However by 22.15 UTC, signal was much weaker and gradually mixed with atmospheric noise. In the early evening hours there was some co-frequency interference from a station in Thailand. Later in the night, China Radio International blocked reception of  station. Station has been received in Malaysia too with less clarity and strength in Malaysia. HERE's RRI Singaraja. Email from Music Director confirmed reception.

INDONESIA (Kalimantan)
Voice of Indonesia via RRI Palangkaraya transmitter in Kalimantan (Borneo) logged on 16 June 2018. French programming was observed from 19.00 till 20.00 UTC. Reception on 3.325 kHz rated a (SINP0) of 54444. HERE's VOI via Palangkaraya. Additionally,
VOI Mandarin service (on 3.325 kHz) --  news and VOI ID  from 11.05 UTC.
VOI Japanese service (on 3.325 kHz) -- Indonesian pop songs and ID from 12.50 till 13.00 UTC.
VOI English service (on 3.325 kHz) -- station ID, programme summary and news from 13.00 UTC.
VOI German service (on 3.325 kHz) -- station ID and news from 20.00 UTC (Some DXers have noted 18.00 UTC).

Madagascar World Voice
(World Christian Broadcast KNLS) logged on 12 June 2018. Religious content with pop/contemporary Christian music monitored: 03.10 till 04.00 UTC (broadcast time 03.00 till 04.00 UTC).  Reception on 15.515 kHz was (SINPO) 35423 -- fair signal strength and clear audio content, but deep fading was the only major issue on this particular day. I might add that MWV  has been heard on 9.600 kHz from 02.00 till 03.00 UTC as well. Reception quality however varied from just barely audible to good, depending on propagation from day to day. HERE's MWV

Radio Nepal
via Sainbu, Bhainsepati (Kathmandu) logged on 12 May 2018. Discussion about visiting Indian PM Modi and music was observed from 15.50 till 16.15 UTC. Reception on 792 kHz (MW) rated a (SINPO) of 22421 -- weak signal but occasionally audible depite co-frequency mixing from Guangxi PBS (China) and Sathani Witthayu Krom Kan Phalang Ngan Thahan (Bangkok, Thailand) and static bursts caused by local (Malaysia) thunderstorm.

KBS World Radio
via Kimjae, Republic of Korea logged 16 May 2018. English programming, including the segment "Alien in Seoul" with K-Pop tunes was monitored from 09.15 till 09.45 UTC. Reception on 9.770 kHz rated a (SINPO) of 44544 -- fair to good signal with fading, but clear and audible signal. HERE's KBS World Radio. 

Trans World Radio
via Manzini, Swaziland logged 18 June 2018. Malagasy programming with station ID, followed by religious sermon preached by male speaker was monitored: from 14.55 till 15.25 UTC. Reception on 9.585  kHz was (SINPO) 33443 -- fair signal strength and clear audio despite transmitter noise and slight fading. Signal worsened after 15.20 UTC to the point it was buried under transmitter and atmospheric noise until sign off. HERE's TWR Swaziland. 

Radio Taiwan International via Kouhu logged on 14 May 2018. Chinese (Mandarin) programming was heard from 10.45 till 11.05 UTC. Reception on 6.105 kHz rated a (SINPO) of 43543 -- good signal strength and minimal fading despite co-frequency interference from China National Radio which can be heard under your transmission. HERE's RTI (Kouhu). RTI sent QSL card.

Sathani Witthayu Ratthasapha
(Parliament Radio Station) via Khet Bang Khun Thian (Bangkok) logged on 22 May 2018. Speeches from various ministers/dignitaries about Islam in Thailand, held in conjunction with the month of Ramadan, was heard in Thai and English from 16.05 till 16.30 UTC. Reception on 1071 kHz (MW) was (SINPO) 44433 -- strong signal, clear audio when not fading every few minutes under atmospheric noise. HERE's the Thailand Parliament Radio Station.

Voice of Turkey
via  Emirler logged on 11 June 2018. Arabic programming of Quran recitation and nasheeds (religious songs) was monitored from 00.40 till 02.00 UTC. Reception on 9.735  kHzwas initially at 00.40 UTC rated a (SINPO) of 34443 -- fair signal strength, clear audio content with minimal atmospheric noise and interference. Around 01.20 UTC, conditions changed and reception deteriorated to a SINPO of 23322 -- still audible content with some occasional station splatter from Thazin Radio (a Myanmar station) after 01.30 UTC.

1476 kHz (MW) -- possibly Trans World Radio India logged on 16 and 17 June 2018 at 14.00 UTC with religious programming in Indian dialect mixing with Thai station (Radio Thailand - Chiang Mai). SINPO was 33433. On 19 June 2018, after 18.00 UTC, suspect Radio Siaran Niaga Hiukencana (Central Java) was noted in what sounded like a football match, with SINPO rated 25322 when antenna was rotated to a SE to NW direction, hence my suspicion that this is an unknown Indonesian station. Quran recitation was heard on 20 May 2018, after 18.30 UTC.

Radio Voice of Vietnam via Hanoi logged on 19 June 2018. News, commentary on US-China tariffs and Society Segment and Vietnamese pop song observed from 12.30 till 12.55 UTC. Reception on 9.840  kHz  was (SINPO) 54554 -- Strong signal and clear audio despite squealing transmitter noise. VOV has promised QSL.

RX: Tecsun S-2000 (SW) and Degen DE-1102 and Sangean ATS-909 (MW) ANT: 1/4 wave (SW) and internal ferrite rod (MW) QTH: Central West Malaysia and *Singapore

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