Tuesday, September 26, 2017

All India Radio Suratgarh (Rajasthan)

All India Radio Suratgarh in Ganganagar District, Rajasthan (near India-Pakistan border) was monitored on 12 August 2017, from 17.05 till 17.40 UTC with classical Indian music, followed by news in English presented by female announcer, then news in Hindi read by male announcer. Reception on the medium-wave frequency of 918 kHz was quite poor, but audible when not fading under atmospheric noise. Frequency was relatively clear once National Radio of Kampuchea signed off at around 17.00 UTC. Signal drifts in between 17.05 to 1710 UTC, nightly. Then, for approximately 3 to 4 minutes signal begins to peak and drift off after about 2 minutes.Overall SINPO was 14321.

Reception report was emailed and posted in subsequent days. A QSL card verifying reports for both AIR Jalandar and AIR Suratgarh arrived in the mail on 26 September 2017.


  1. Hello. What e-mail adress did you use for your reception report? I have an excellent recording here on AIR Suratgarh 918 kHz received here in Sweden this evening then the station sign/off at 17,40 UTC.