Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Logbook 1-4 May 2017

Bangladesh Betar station ID and South Asian music was heard from 14.00 UTC onward. Reception on 15.505 kHz rated a SINPO of 35443.

All India Radio Ranchi (Akashvani Ranchi) in Jharkand  with devotional prayers was observed around 17.20 UTC. Reception on 549 kHz (MW) rated a SINPO of 25422 -- weak but audible signal detected, free of co-frequency interference after 17.00 UTC.

Radio Nikkei 1
via Chiba-Nagara in an all Japanese  broadcast of uninterrupted  Electronica dance music was monitored from  09.25  till 10.05 UTC. Reception on 9.595  kHz rated 45444 -- fair to good signal. clear and audible speech.

Madagascar World Radio relayed the KNLS "English Hour" programme from 03.00 UTC onward. Station ID and KNLS programming followed. Reception on 15.515 kHz was SINPO 55555.

Radio Free Asia
via Saipan/Agingan Point in a Burmese broadcast of news and current event reports referring to Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma was observed from from 00.30 till 01.05 UTC (broadcast time 00.30 till 01.30 UTC). Reception on 17.785 kHz rated a SINPO of 55545 -- strong signal, slight fading, clear content.

Nippon No Kaze via Koror was logged on 9.965 kHz in a Korean broadcast from 15.45 till 16.00 UTC. Commentary from a female announcer and music near the end of the transmission was observed. SINPO was a modest 35443.

Radio Veritas Asia
  via Palauig-Zambales aired a half-hour Urdu service that targeted Pakistan from 01.00 till 01.30 UTC. Station ID, address and commentary was observed at sign-on. Reception on 15.280 kHz was SINPO 35443.

Radyo Pilipinas via Tinang was heard signing on at 03.00 UTC. After a plethora of station IDs, an English broadcast of news and cultural content followed. Reception on 15.640 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555.

Radio Romania International via Saftica was heard from 17.15 till 18.00 UTC. An English language broadcast of cultural reports, DX Mailbag and Romanian music was observed on the short-wave frequency of 13.660 kHz. SINPO was initially 55444. By 17.40 UTC, reception worsened to 35343 and grew weaker as transmission near closure.

Voice of Tibet transmitting from Dushanbe was logged from 13.45 till 13.59 UTC. A Tibetan programme, moderated by a female announcer, featured an interview of a Tibetan musician and his music. Transmission was on 15.512 kHz to skirt strong interference from CRI on 15.515 kHz. Interestingly CRI broadcasts at the same time, possibly in a deliberate attempt to disrupt programming of VoT.

Radio Taiwan International  via Paochung presented an English broadcast to Southeast Asia  from 03.00 till 04.00 UTC. The programmes "Ear to the Ground", "Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes" and "One Last Thing" was heard in this hour long broadcast. Reception on 15.320 kHz rate a SINPO of 55555.

Voice of Turkey
via Emirler in an English broadcast with Turkish news, cultural programmes (Eye on the Agenda, Legends of Anatolia and Question of the Month) and Turkish music was heard on the short-wave frequency of 15.520 kHz, from 16.30 till 17.20 UTC, with SINPO of 55444 -- excellent signal strength, clear audio, slight atmospheric noise occurred with signal occasionally faded.

Adventist World Radio via Tashkent aired Mandarin content from 14.00 till 14.30 UTC. A female speaker with light piano music mixed under and religious songs in Mandarin was noted throughout the half hour, followed by IDs in English and French. Reception on 15.750 kHz rated a SINPO of 45444.

Receivers used: Degen DE-1102,  Tecsun S-2000 and Sangean ATS-909. Antennas: 10 meter long wire and 1/4 wave. RX location: Central West Malaysia.

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