Monday, May 8, 2017

JSWC / WRMI (via Okeechobee)

Japan Short Wave Club DX Report via WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida (USA) was logged on 1 January 2017, from 23.30 till 00.00 UTC. During this time segment, an episode of Wavescan featured KVOH Operation's Manager (Ray Robinson) discussing the history of the Voice of Nigeria and the operations of Voice of Hope (in Zambia), Jeff White profiled 'Chocolate Music' and the 'Wrong QSL', along with  the JSWC DX Report that was presented by Yukiko Tsuji. Transmission was observed on 9.955 kHz.  SINPO rated 25322 -- weak signal, with occasionally clear content, despite atmospheric noise. Transmission was best received in LSB mode.

Reception report was emailed on the following day. This eQSL card arrived in the mail on 8 May 2917.

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