Saturday, March 25, 2017

Radio Tirana Tribute

Radio Tirana (RTSH-Radio Televizioni Shqiptar) is slated to cease  medium-wave and short-wave transmissions from Albania at the end of March 2017. It joins Radio Australia as yet another long-standing and international broadcaster to leave the airwaves this year.

RTSH-Radio Televizioni Shqiptar has decided to end their MW and SW services in favour of FM, proxy short-wave providers (chiefly, Shortwave Service in Kall-Krekel) and the Internet.  Apparently, the transmitters at the Fllake (MW) and Shijak (SW) sites were old, uneconomical and unreliable to operate.

Like many short-wave listeners of my generation, this is disheartening news. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, Radio Tirana was one of those 'exotic' East European countries behind the iron curtain one had to catch...had to QSL! And I did, I'm proud to say.

As I recall they used to broadcast on 7.300 kHz. Their signal was sufficiently strong to reach Denver, in the western United States, where I lived at the time. In recent years their signal was heard occasionally, albeit weakly, in South East Asia (Malaysia), despite their transmissions being targeted for Europe.

While I am saddened to see Radio Tirana disappear from the airwaves, I want to thank them for the years I did listen. It is only fitting I bid adieu  with their interval (as recorded in Malaysia a year ago). And while their programmes may be heard on the Internet, it's still not the same. There is something magical...a bit of a challenge to hear a distant radio station break through the static. Radio Tirana was one of those.

So long, Radio Tirana. Faleminderit!


  1. Radio Tirana continues to be heard on shortwave in A17. Not over their own transmitters but through Kall (Germany) Mon-Sat 1930-2000 UTC on 3985 & 6005 kHz with a relay of Tirana's German service.

  2. Thank you for this information. Just curious, will the Cerrik transmitter site cease operation too? Does China Radio International still relay their programmes from this site?

  3. Yes, as far as I can tell the Cerrik site is still in operation for China Radio International exclusively. Meanwhile Radio Tirana's English and French services might return to shortwave over the Kall-Krekel relay as well. German on 3985/6005 has started 8-9 minutes late this week due to some clock fault, so don't panic if Slovakia is still on at 1930 UTC.