Thursday, March 2, 2017

Logbook 2 March 2017

in Anchor Point was heard on 9.615 kHz with a SINPO of 54444. English language programming was observed at 10.25 till 11.00 UTC.

Voice of Indonesia
in Jakarta was logged on 9.525 kHz with SINPO of 54555. Indonesian pop music was noted at 10.40 UTC.

Radio Nikkei was logged on 9.595 kHz with SINPO of 44444. Japanese programming was monitored at 10.30 UTC.

NHK World Radio Japan was logged on 9.750 kHz with SINPO of 55545. News in Japanese was heard at 10.30 UTC.

Voice of Korea
was logged on 11.680 kHz with SINPO of 55555. Nationalistic/patriotic music was heard at 10.35 UTC.

KBS World Radio
was logged on 9.770 kHz with SINPO of 55545. Internal and station ID followed by news in Korean was monitored at 10.29 UTC onward.

RTM Radio Asyik
via Kajang with Malay pop songs was noted at 10.38 UTC, broadcasting on 6.050 kHz with SINPO of 55545

via Kranji relay site was logged on 6.195 kHz with SINPO of 55555. News programme in English was observed at 10.37 UTC

Radio Taiwan Internationa
l, transmitting from Paochung, was logged on the short-wave frequency of 11.600 kHz with SINPO of 54555.  Programmes "Hear in Taiwan",  "Stroke of Light", "Eye on China" and "Easy Chinese" were observed from 11.00 till 12.00 UTC.

Voice of Vietnam (VoV-1) / Đài Tiếng nói Việt Nam, transmitting from Quán Tre, Đông Hưng Thuận, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (Saigon), on the medium-wave frequency of 657 kHz was logged with a SINPO of 54555 - excellent signal strength and clarity of audio.  A largely talk format with radio drama, interval, station ID and news was observed from 22.50 till 23.10 UTC.

Voice of Vietnam (VoV-2), transmitting from Dak Lak, was logged on 6.020 kHz with SINPO of 35433. Ethnic music and programming was heard at 10.40 UTC.

Voice of Vietnam (VOV-5), transmitting from Hanoi, was logged on the short-wave frequency of 9.840 kHz with SINPO of 54555. Programmes "Current Affairs", "Economic Statement", "Country in Vietnam" and a Vietnamese pop song was observed from 10.00 till 10.28 UTC.

 Receivers used: Tecsun S-2000 and Sangean ATS-909. External antenna: 1/4 wave aerial. RX location: central West Malaysia

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