Monday, March 20, 2017

Logbook 18 - 21 March 2017

Adventist World Radio via Nauen with Punjabi programming with male announcer at 15.20 UTC, then music at 15.27 UTC, on 15.150 kHz with SINPO of 55545.

NHK World Radio Japan via Yamata with station interval and ID was heard around 15.28 UTC. Programming in Mandarin followed. Reception was observed on 9.575 kHz with SINPO of 45544.

Lao National Radio with political commentary in English was observed at 14.45 UTC, on 6.130 kHz rated a SINPO 33443.

Thazin Radio via Pyin U Lwin featured a Buddhist educational programme moderated in Burmese by a male instructor with students. This was observed at 23.35 UTC. Transmission occurred on 6.030 kHz. SINPO rated 45544. 

Radio Romania International via Galbena with local music and talk in Romanian was heard from 14.30 UTC onward, on 15.310 kHz with SINPO of 45534.

Voice of America via Iranawila was heard at 23.30 UTC with interval and station ID in English, followed by programming in Burmese. Reception on 7.480 kHz was 55555.

Radio Veritas Asia via Santa Maria di Galeria with religious talk and music in Tagalog at 15.30 UTC, on 15.620 kHz with SINPO of 35443.

 Receiver used: Tecsun S-2000. External antenna: 1/4 wave aerial. RX location: central West Malaysia

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