Saturday, September 24, 2016

Seoul Radio Center Korea Telecom - Station HLG

Seoul Radio Center Korea Telecom - Station HLG Seoul was logged on 24 September 2016. A CW (Morse code) transmission, looping station call letters (HLG), location and frequency, was observed  from 10.53 till 11.15 UTC. Reception on the shortwave-wave frequency of 12.935 kHz in CW/SSB mode rated (SINPO) 35343 -- fair signal strength, no QRM, clear CW transmission, scratchy atmospheric noise

Additional ship-to-shore stations in Korea operate on other frequencies and with the call letters: HLF / HLG / HLJ / HLO / HLW / HLW2. Content of message is usually "CQ DE HLG QSX 12 MHZ" or "CQ DE HLG QSX 8 MHZ" etc.

 8.483  kHz (HLG)
 8.484  kHz (HLG)
 8.484  kHz (HLO)
 8.636  kHz (HLW)

12 MHZ
12.843 kHz (HLO)
12.843 kHz (HLW2)
12.916 kHz (HLF)
12.917 kHz (HLF)
12.917 kHz (HLF)
12.923 kHz (HLW2)
12.923 kHz (HLO)
12.935 kHz (HLG)
12.935 kHz (HLG)

16 MHZ / 17 MHZ / 22 MHZ
16.910 kHz (HLJ)
16.990 kHz (HLO)
17.130 kHz (HLW)
22.611 kHz (HLF)

Reception report was emailed with audio file, attention to Mr.Woo Hwa Lee, on the same day. Mr. Lee at Seoul Radio Center Korea Telecom replied on the following day with this message: "I have received your e-mail(reception report). I'll send our station QSL card by mail in your address direct as soon as I can.  Thank you."


Seoul Radio Center Korea Telecom
c/o Mr.Woo Hwa Lee
680-63 Jayang-dong,
Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul,
143-707 Republic of Korea

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