Friday, September 2, 2016

Nippon Hoso - JOLF (Tokyo)

Nippon Hoso (JOLF) in Tokyo was heard on 1 September 2016, from 18.20 till 19.05 UTC, on the medium-wave frequency of 1242 kHz. A selection of contemporary Asian and Western pop songs with occasional DJ comments was observed during this time and has been heard on previous nights.

Nippon Hoso's signal has been monitored for nearly a month. It consistently just barely breaks the threshold with a dominant carrier and only occasional peaks of audio, either talking or music, is heard. SINPO was never better than 25421.

However, on 1 September 2016, propagation improved and their signal was much stronger, earning a SINPO of 24432 --  clear speech when audible and not fading (every 2 to 3 minutes). No co-frequency interference was observed after 17.40 UTC (02.40am, Japan Time), which made for ideal reception conditions. Before this time interference from All India Radio Varanasi (Akashvani Varanasi) and Radio Sultanate of Oman prevents reception. By 21.00 UTC, Radio Republik Indonesia Bogor (Pro-1) is the only station received. In the evenings, stations in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia virtually own the frequency at various times.

Reception report was emailed and posted to JOLF.

Nippon Hoso (JOLF)
1-9-3, Yurakucho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006

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