Monday, October 19, 2015

Radio Bandidos*

Radio Bandidos*, transmitting from Italy, was logged on 18 October 2015. Intermittent station ID and email address with Country & Western music, including  "You Had To Be There", "Baby, Do I", "Call It Freedom", station ID and gmail announced, "I Wanna Love You", "Whatever Makes You Feel Like A Rock Star", "Hold On (Roller-coaster)", was logged from 17.25 till 18.10 UTC. Reception on 6.850 kHz was (SINPO) 44434 -- occasional utility QRM and fading, otherwise good signal strength and audio quality.

Reception report was emailed on 18 October 2015. Received an eQSL on 20 October 2015. Thank you, Wes!

*Logged using the remote SDR receiver at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) website and monitored  in Malaysia

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