Saturday, October 17, 2015

Panda Radio*

Panda Radio*, transmitting from the Netherlands was logged on 17 October 2015. Music with station IDs "This is Panda Radio on shortwave" after each song, including Donna Summer - "I Feel Love", was observed from 12.45 till 13.05 UTC. Reception on 6.380 kHz was (SINPO) 24332 -- weak to fair signal strength, clear and audible, despite minor fading and atmospheric noise. Insomuch as Panda Radio operates at 10-15 watts and not far enough from the Twente web-sdr it is not conducive for  the ground wave to reach and too close for a good sky wave. Reception is usually best 100-500 kms away,

HERE is how Panda Radio sounded from Twente.

Reception report was emailed to Panda Radio on the same day. An eQSL arrived the following day. Thank you, Panda Radio!


*Logged using remote SDR receiver linked to the University of Twente (The Netherlands) website and monitored from a desktop computer.

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