Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NBC Radio New Ireland Commemorative Song

Although NBC Radio New Ireland no longer broadcasts on the shortwave bands, I thought I would share this recent email from them. It's a song commemorating  their 40 years of independence.

Enjoy this song to commemorate our 40 years of independence. It  features two New Ireland languages of Tungak and Mussao.

Apart from that we have English as the main line and other representations in the song in terms of language has Pidgin, Motu and Waskia language of the Karkar people of Madang Province.

The musical arrangement and composition has also tried to capture the four regional styles if you listen closely.

It features YumiFM's radio personality Kasty on narration. Also, New Ireland's legendary reggae artist Justice Mokiniz and Gee Ruun, an up and coming producer in the music industry.

Please click HERE to download and enjoy Biutiful PNG by O'Wahn Ft. Kasty, Justice Mokiniz, Gee Ruun.


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