Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Promotional QSL from KBS World Radio

KBS World Radio sent a rather interesting QSL card recently. This begs the question, "Aren't they all INTERESTING?" Well, yes, they are. But this card is interesting in the sense that it is an advertising flyer, announcing The 2nd KBS World Radio Korean Language Video Contest: Speak Korean, Talk To The World. 

Most QSL cards depict cultural aspects of the country. They may show either national landmarks and handicrafts, represent transmitter sites, announce a national anniversary or present their country's culinary fare. Rarely does a QSL card act as a promotional announcement. In this particular case, KBS World has thoughtfully created a promotion that involves their listeners, and I must commend them for reaching out to their listeners in an age when short-wave listeners are dwindling. Sure, other broadcasters do this, but again back to my point, usually not with a QSL card. 

Want more details about the contest? Click HERE. Although the contest began in June and will end in September 2015, it is still worth noting the contestants are teenagers and young adults, not the common demographic -- a bunch of aging short-wave listeners!

Aside from this KBS World promotion, the reverse side of the card is in neither English nor Korean, but rather in French, for a French language broadcast relayed from Woofferton (UK), not Kimjae (ROK). This is of interest too because so few international broadcasters issue QSL cards nowadays for their individual foreign language services, The only notable exception that come to mind is Radio Japan and Voice of Vietnam.

Anyway, this is another one of the simple joys in collecting QSL cards. Happy DXing and 73s!

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