Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Greetings from the Land of the Mongol Horse

What's this? The Year of the Horse? Nah. Not this year. Next month will mark the Year of the Goat. As it turns out, the horse embossed on this card is the logo for the Voice of Mongolia, a symbol of the Mongol horse used by the cavalrymen of Genghis Khan.

I must confess when Mr. Postman tooted his horn for me to pick-up and sign-off on this registered letter from Mongolia, I had hoped for a QSL card. After all, a reception report was submitted to the Voice of Mongolia for a VoM broadcast relayed from Radio 700 in Germany, late last year.

Well, guess what? As I snipped open the envelope I spied this greeting card, not the wished-for QSL card. Oh well, it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless. I had never "in a million years", as the saying goes, expected this 2015 New Year's card.

Thank you very much, Voice of Mongolia!!!

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