Tuesday, February 11, 2014

World Radio Day Certificate from Pakistani Listeners Club

World Radio Day is celebrated throughout the world on 13 February 2014. On this day we as Pakistani listeners are giving appreciation certificates to listeners. Please continue to listen to radio and promote.

This certificate (shown above) is awarded by the following organization and clubs: 
1.       FTR Media Service, Lahore http://www.ftrms.com/ 
2.       World DX Forum, Islamabad http://dxforum.blogspot.com/ 
3.       Pakistani Listeners Club, Muzaffargarh 
4.       International Listeners Club, Mailsi 
5.       Asia International Listeners Club, Dadu 
6.        Daily The Explorer, Sukkur http://dailyexplorer.net/

You can also see your name here: http://dxforum.blogspot.com/2014/02/pakistan-listener-award-2014.html

Kind Regards,
Zahoor Solangi 
Pakistan Listeners Awards 2014 

Over 170 certificates from 29 countries were issued. No radio work or similar activity was required to obtain this certificate. One merely had to contact the Pakistan Listeners. The gimmick? None. It was just a novel way to reward radio enthusiasts, to honour the history of radio communications and to promote its continued presence. It was also equally good PR for the aforementioned Pakistani radio clubs. Happy World Radio Day and 73s!

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