Thursday, February 13, 2014

US Air Force GHFS (Global HF System)

US Air Force GHFS (Global HF System) was received on 13 February 2014. SINPO on 11.175 kHz in USB mode was 34443. Emergency Action messages (EAMs) and Skyking messages, which are high-priority messages for air and ground stations, were monitored from 18.02 till 18.07 UTC. One of the messages announced by a male speaker included: "Whisky Bravo 6. Whisky Bravo 6. Repeat last grid coordinate. 6435 Niner zero. Do you copy. Over."

HERE is a recording from 14 February 2014 at 22.35 UTC.

The High Frequency Global Communications System is a network of single side band short-wave transmitters of the United States Air Force which is used to communicate with aircraft in flight, ground stations and some United States Navy surface assets. All worldwide receiving and transmitting sites in the HF-GCS system are remotely controlled from Andrews AFB.

Stations of the HF-GCS Network include:
Andersen Global, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam Island
Andrews Global, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland USA
Ascension Global, RAF Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean
Diego Garcia Global, Diego Garcia Naval Station, Indian Ocean
Elmendorf Global, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska
Hickam Global, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii
Lajes Global, Lajes Field, Azores
Lincoln Receiver Site (aka West Coast Global), Beale Air Force Base, California
Offutt Global, Offutt AFB, Nebraska
Puerto Rico Global, Salinas, Puerto Rico
Sigonella Global, Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily, Italy
Yokota Global, Yokota Air Base, Japan

The primary HF-GCS voice frequencies are 4724.0 KHz, 6739.0 KHz, 8992.0 KHz, 11175.0 KHz, 13200.0 KHz and 15016.0 KHz.
Primary HFGCS Frequencies 24 Hours:   8992 and 11175
Back up HFGCS Frequencies Day:       13200  15016
Back up HFGCS Frequencies Night:      4724  6739

 I'm not certain whether the US Air Force will QSL. In any event an attempt was made to contact them. A reception report of this transmission was submitted online at Andrews AFB website and FaceBook, yesterday.

On 20 February 2014 I received this message from their Facebook page:"Sir, this page is run by the 11th Wing Public Affairs shop, and we've never heard of a QSL card before.  We'd be happy to help direct your inquiry to the proper unit, could you explain what a QSL card is and what its used for?  Thanks!" 


  1. Any update on getting a QSL for this? I've received it too, and was wondering if it was possible.

    1. Sorry to say no QSL. Without a proper contact it is nearly impossible to get a verification.