Sunday, September 29, 2013

Falkland Islands Radio Service (Web-radio / Internet)

Falkland Islands Radio Service (FIRS) in Stanley, Falkland Islands, was logged on 12 September 2013. The station's weekly programme  schedule was repeated several times before the news and "The Breakfast Show" began. Station was monitored via web-radio/Internet from 06.35 to 08.15 (Falkland Islands time) / 09.35 to 11.15 UTC. Internet stream was at 32 kps in mp3 format. Quality of audio volume was poor with broken stream at times, otherwise audible and clear. Device / Application used was an Apple iPod Touch with Tunein Radio.

A sound file of your Internet stream may be heard HERE. 
Text added from original email
Reception report was emailed to FIRS on the same day. An email confirming broadcast and promising QSL card was received on 1 October 2013: "Dear Timm, I can confirm that you were indeed listening to the Falkland Islands Radio Service.  We will send a card to you soon.  Thanks for tuning in. Kind regards, Corina Goss, Station Manager." On 22 October, three QSL cards, an FM radio and stickers arrived in the mail from FIRS. THANK YOU, FIRS!!!

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