Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Voice of Tigray (via Addis Ababa)

Self-prepared QSL pending confirmation
Voice of Tigray  (Dimtsi Weyane Tigray), transmitting from Addis Ababa-Gedja, Ethiopia, was logged on 6 February 2013. A programme of Ethiopian music, hosted by a female announcer in Tigrinya / Afar, was heard from 18.45 to 19.30 UTC. Transmission was observed on the frequency of 5.950 kHz. Reception (SINPO) was 44434 -- good signal strength, clear and audible speech, minor station interference and slight fading. At 19.25 UTC, interference from a station broadcasting in French was noticed. 

Reception report submitted on-line at their website on the same day, whereas for mail it was posted on 13 February 2013.

Dimtsi Woyane Tigray (DWET)
PO.Box 450
Mekele, Tigray


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