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NASWA Country Status for Papua New Guinea

NBC (Port Moresby) QSL card from the 1970s
While Papua New Guinea is one country, NASWA designates it with a status of six countries given its territorial history. These geographical areas include the following:
* Admiralty Island  (Manus)
* Bougainville
* New Britain
* New Ireland
* New Guinea Territory +
* Papua Territory ++

Shortwave Station in Admirality Islands
* NBC Radio Manus (Maus Bilong Chauka) - Lorengau, Manus Island - 3.315 kHz  (LOGGED)

Shortwave Station in Bougainville
* NBC Radio Bougainville - Kubu, Bougainville - 3.325  kHz (QSLed)

Radio East New Britain
Shortwave Stations in New Britain
* NBC Radio East New Britain (Maus Bilong Tavuvur) - Rabaul, East New Britain - 3.385  kHz (QSLed)
* NBC Radio West New Britain (Singaut Bilong Tavur) - Kimbe, West New Britain - 3.235  kHz (LOGGED)

Shortwave Station in New Ireland
Radio New Ireland
* NBC Radio New Ireland (Singaut Bilong Drongo) - Kavieng, New Ireland  - 3.905  kHz (QSLed)

+ Shortwave Stations in New Guinea Territory
* NBC Radio West Sepik (Maus Bilong Sandaun) - Vanimo,  West Sepik - 3.205 kHz (QSLed)
Radio Sandaun (West Sipik)
* NBC Radio East Sepik (Maus Bilong Sepik) - Wewak, East Sepik - 3.335  kHz
* NBC Radio Karema (Voice Of The Seagull) - Kerema - 3.245  kHz
* NBC Radio Morobe (Maus Bilong Kundu) - Lae, Morobe - 3.220  kHz
* NBC Radio Southern Highlands (Karai Bilong Muruk) - Mendi - 3.275  kHz (LOGGED)
* NBC Radio Madang (Maus Bilong Garamut) - Madang, Jomba - 3.260  kHz  (QSLed)
* NBC Radio Simbu (Karai Bilong Mumbu) - Kundiawa, Simbu - 3.355  kHz

Radio Milne Bay
++ Shortwave Stations in Papua Territory
* NBC Radio Western (Voice of The Sunset) - Daru, Western Province - 3.305  kHz
* NBC Voice of Papua New Guinea - Boroko / Port Moresby - 4.890 / 6.040  kHz
* NBC Radio Northern - Voice of The People of Oro - Popondetta, Oro - 3.345  kHz  (LOGGED)
* NBC Radio Milne Bay (Voice of Kula) - Alotau, Milne Bay - 3.365 kHz (QSLed)
* NBC Radio Karema (Voice of the Seagull) - 3.245 kHz
* Radio Fly - Tabubil, Western Province - 3. 915 kHz (QSLed)
* Radio Wantok Light - Port Moresby (9 Mile)  - 7. 325  kHz (QSLed)

NOTE: Bougainville, Admirality Islands and New Britain are separate NASWA countries. In Pre-WWI, these islands technically were part of the German colonies located in New Guinea Territory. 
Radio Madang

I have been monitoring NBC stations since September 2012. In this time I have learned NBC can be very difficult to DX for three reasons (1) erratic broadcast times, (2) propagation and (3) interference from broadcasters operating on or near the same frequency. Depending on the station, transmission tends to be best received in South East Asia  around 11.00 to 12.30 UTC and 19.00 to 20.30 UTC (grey-line is crucial for reception from these 10 kW transmitter sites).

Radio Fly
Should fortune smile on you and an NBC station be logged, obtaining a QSL can be quite problematic. Factors include the hierarchical routing of reception reports from outlying NBC affiliates to the Technical Director at NBC corporate headquarters,  disruption in internet service, a poor postal system and/or a combination of these. In all fairness to PNG and NBC, I have communicated with some wonderful people who have been instrumental in helping me reach the appropriate person(s). For their kind assistance, I respect and salute them.

So, how did I succeed in QSLing NBC? I used a variety of methods, including third party contacts, email, air mail and registered letters and Facebook messaging. In most cases, little or no response resulted. Only two QSLs to date have been acquired, and these were self-prepared eQSLs with signatures from the respective Provincial Radio Director and common seal of the station. And, I might add, this required considerable sourcing, repeated emails and time.

Wantok Light Radio

On the other hand, should one pick-up signals from the 1 kW stations Wantok Light Radio and Radio Fly, they will QSL more readily. Radio Fly will send an eQSL due to postal irregularities. Wantok Light will post a QSL card and letter,  but it may take many months after submitting a reception report. To be certain of receiving confirmation from them, a letter and follow-up emails is strongly recommended.

Postal addresses and emails for these stations may be found on their websites.

* National Broadcasting Corporation
* Wantok Light Radio
* Radio Fly

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