Monday, July 30, 2012

Radio Slovakia International (Internet)

Radio Slovakia International in  Bratislava was logged on 29 July 2012. Their Internet broadcast in the English language was monitored from 16.27  to 17.00 UTC. An Internet stream at 128  kps in mp3 format was heard, using the "TuneIn" application on a mobile device.  Programming included "News Reel" recapping events in Slovakia over the past week and "Listeners' Tribune" commenting on queries from listeners. A French language broadcast was heard after this 30 minute English broadcast.

A reception report was emailed to Radio Slovakia International the following day. Within a few hours I was notified that a QSL would be sent. Gavin Shoebridge, English Section of Radio Slovakia, stated the following: "Thank you for your detailed email. I have written out a QSL card just 4 minutes ago, and it should be in the post first thing tomorrow morning. Give it two to three weeks and you should have it in your hands. Also, I’ll make sure your email gets a mention in this week’s Listener’s Tribune show on Sunday." This QSL card did indeed arrive on 27 August 2012.


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