Saturday, July 28, 2012

NHK World - Radio Japan (via Santiago)

1st QSL Card
NHK World - Radio Japan, transmitting from Santiago, Chile, was logged on 28 July 2012. A Portuguese language broadcast of mostly talking was observed from 21.30 to 22.00 UTC on  11.880 kHz. Reception (SINPO) was 25232 -- weak  signal strength with faint audio (heard best in LSB mode) was hindered  mostly due to atmospheric noise. On previous days, for the past month, reception was negligible -- no signal was observed at all, again due to propagation conditions in this region. 

Reception report was submitted on line and emailed to NHK World on the same day. NHK Portuguese section acknowledged the report a few days later. This QSL arrived on 6 September 2012. A second QSL card arrived on 6 October 2012.

3nd QSL Card

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