Friday, June 22, 2012

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (Colombo-Ekala)

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), transmitting from Colombo-Ekala, Sri Lanka, was logged on18 March 2012. An English language programme of music requests and news was monitored  from  02.00 to 03.00 UTC on 15.745  kHz. This 35 kW transmitter (with actual output being 20 kW) is heard regularly in this region of South East Asia. Reception (SINPO) at 02.00 UTC was 45444 -- good signal strength with slight fading. At 02.40 UTC weak signal strength, atmospheric noise and fading degraded reception to 25222. By 02.55 UTC signal was negligible and gradually dissolved into static. 

Reception report was emailed and posted. QSL arrived in the mail on 22 June 2012 after several follow-up emails. 

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