Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All India Radio (General Overseas Service)

All India Radio (General Overseas Service) presumably in Delhi was logged on 10 April 2011. Time monitored was from 23.30 to 00.45  UTC. An English language broadcast was heard on 11.715 kHz; but AIR states on the QSL card 11.645 kHz. In any case, reception (SINPO) at 23.30UTC was 43553 -- good signal strength marred only by annoying QRM from suspected Chinese broadcaster, CNR or CRI. By 23.58 UTC, QRM was so bad AIR transmission was almost buried  by this Chinese station. At 00.05 UTC until 00.45, reception improved to 54555; I'm not certain, but it sounded like GOS AIR switched transmitter sites/power at this time. I also noticed a 5kHz shift whereby AIR was heard well on 11.710 as well as 11.715 kHz. 

Reception report was emailed to AIR and submitted online. This is a bit of a bttersweet QSL. So many AIR stations have been logged and reception reports submitted. When I finally get this QSL, it is not altogther correct. Still and all, I count it as a confirm.

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