Sunday, June 17, 2012

Amateur Radio Operators JR1MLT (Yokohama) and WX6ZZ (San Francisco)

Amateur radio operators JR1MLT (Yokohama, Japan) and  WX6ZZ  (San Francisco, CA, USA) were received on 16 June 2012. Transmissions were monitored from 14.44 to 14.56 UTC on 14.244 kHz (SSB/USB mode).  WX6ZZ mentioned he "had an Elecraft K3, 4 element monobander and an ACOM 2000A amplifier that was pushing 1000 watts". Reception of JR1MLT (SINP0) was 25432 -- weak signal strength with no observed fading or interference, otherwise transmission was clear and audible. My guess is reception would have been stronger had his antenna been pointed southward; WX6ZZ was much stronger at 35433, assuming he beamed westward.

It would be great to get QSLs from these guys! A reception report was mailed to JR1MLT; whereas the reception report  to WX6ZZ was emailed. Shortly after emailing WX6ZZ on 16 June 2012, he emailed the following comment: "I will eQSL with you and see if I can send you a card as well." JR1MLT replied with this QSL on 5 July 2012; this QSL card from WX6ZZ arrived on 10 July 2012.

Thank you Koichi and Bill!!!

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